Define shortcut links
The concept of selecting the address (URL Shortening) are alternative translations of a summary of a URL (i.e. Uniform Resource Locator) to become a character shorter and easier, although testing services links to the original are TinyURL, was founded in 2002 Kevin Gilbert named for the purpose of creating links easier to share on his website unicyclist. TinyURL's fame lasted until today. Reasons for resort to linkages The tendency is to shorten the links for a number of reasons; the long links in the text may make it difficult to read and identify them, and may break up or damage what appropriately hinders their connection. Although most email clients can be their today to handle long links well, except that the use of shortened links and their popularity is growing because of social media, especially Twitter, which restricts the text to 140 characters. Although the service disruption of the URL to provide users with convenient, such as the ability to customize shortened links, tracking traffic on the internet, but some security analyses have been alerted to use the services of a third party represents an additional risk factor, since there is no way but to trust to safely service the treaty itself. Also, do not provide links to shortcut any guide users around the face that says them, where they can be used to re-direct them to the content virally, on the other hand, allows some services to the user by adding a special character at the end of the title, shortcut, and add this war to the company pass the mouse over the link and seeing the page that point to it.1 And if you're new to social media marketing, here's some information about the traditional URL connections.: It can be impractical sometimes. It may be long. It might be a little complicated. They can be untraceable sometimes. How to shorten links
Published on: 4/6/20, 7:49 PM